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We Carry The Best (And Service The Rest!)

Below is a summary of the current line of vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners, and carpet cleaners we carry at Longmont Vacuum on Main Street.

Simplicity Vacuum

If you’re looking for a durable, powerful cleaning machine, trust us, you’ve come to the right place. Have no fear—Simplicity is here to save you from another bad vacuum!
Simplicity Range
  • Small canisters (suction only)
  • Many large canisters with power heads – also with floor tools for tile & hardwood floor tools.
  • From the most affordable to the most powerful uprights with tools on board
  • Super lightweights and ultra lightweights with single speed or two speed
  • Bagless Pixie & A-Go-Go vacuum cleaners

Royal Vacuum

Royal Vacuums have been around even longer than we have! The first ones were made in 1905, and they’ve continued to be successful thanks to a philosophy of strong customer satisfaction.
Royal Range
  • Small canisters (suction only)
  • We carry both lines of Royal Vacuums
  • Large canister with power head and hardwood floor tool
  • Uprights with tools onboard
  • Metal uprights
  • Shampooers


Sanitaire, ‘The Ultimate Time Machine’, is one of the few manufacturers committed to peace and quiet – many of their machines operate at below 69 decibels!
Sanitaire Range
  • A wide range of uprights
  • Small canisters (suction only)


Cirrus vacuums are made to last by using durable materials such as motors with ball bearing construction, metal brush-rolls, metal pivot points, metal bottom plates, & metal handles.
Cirrus Range
  • Small uprights
  • Canister (suction only)
  • Steamer for hardwood floors
  • Small 2-in-1 vacuum with lift off


Lindhaus is a newer brand that has made a commitment to creating vacuum cleaners that are technologically years ahead of the current machines being sold in this market. Try one!
Lindhaus Range
  • Upright vacuum with dry shampoo attachment (also has attachment for hardwood floors)

Fuller Brush

For over 100 years Fuller has been making home cleaning products, with their unique promise: “Make it work, make it last, and guarantee it – no matter what!”
Fuller Range
  • Small canister (suction only)
  • Hand held vacuum


Monster Vacuum has a fun philosophy: “We believe that if doing chores can be made easy and quick then they will get done better, because they will be less tiring and boring!”
Monster Range
  • Small steamer for many uses: tile grout, BBQ grills, shower doors, windows & much more.


Two years after Royal, Hoover appeared on the scene, invented by one of the most famous American entrepreneurs – Murray Spangler. We carry a Hoover shampooer for carpets.
Hoover Range
  • Shampooer
  • Small spot scrubber

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